Cavity Wall Insulation 

Cavity Wall Insulation is quick, easy to install and extremely effective. Up to 35% of your homes heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls as naturally your walls have the greatest exposure to the outside elements.

Many existing home have little or no Cavity Wall Insulation, consequently by installing or upgrading your wall insulation it represents a significant way to make long-term savings and an excellent way method to improve the comfort of your home. 

Don't worry if you aren't sure what type of walls you have, as a member of our Home Survey Team will inspect them and advise you on what method is most suitable for your home

How It Works 

Small holes of 22mm (about the size of a euro coin) are drilled in to the exterior walls of your home. Insulation beads are then injected with an adhesive in to the cavity between the exterior and interior walls, filling the empty cavity and creating a barrier against heat loss.The expanded polystyrene bead is durable and will last the lifetime of the property and is backed by a 25 Year Guarantee.

It is a simple; no mess process which will substantially improve your homes heat performance reduces drafts around windows and doors, and can be installed in under one day.

  • Savings € - Substantially Reduces Heating Costs

  • Comfort – Dramatically Cuts Heat Loss

  • Eliminates drafts around Windows & Doors

  • Prevents Condensation

  • No Fuss, Fast & Efficient.

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