We understand that in making your decision there will naturally be questions, and we have listed the most common below. Anything else you may be unsure of please contact us 1890987810 or email our team on info@emeraldinsulations.ie 

Who can avail of the Better Energy Homes Grant Scheme? 

All homeowners of dwellings built before 2006 may apply. 

Are there specific standards which the work must meet? 

Yes, all works must be undertaken by an SEAI Registered Contractor in accordance with the requirements set out in the Contractor Code of Practice and Standards and Specification Guidelines. 

How long does the grant last? 

Once applied for the grant offer is valid for a six month period. All works must be carried out by an SEAI Registered Contractor within this timeframe. 

How do I apply for the grant? 

Emerald Insulations will apply for the grant on your behalf. 

Who can apply? 

All homeowners of houses built before 2006 may apply. 

Can I get a Loan to have the work completed? 

Yes, most lending institutions offer preferential loans (Green Loans) for energy efficient improvements works carried out on the home. 

Who arranges the Quotation? 

The quotation will come directly from the SEAI registered contractor. 

"I'm not sure if my house has a Cavity" 

No problem, our technician will determine if your home is suitable as part of our Site Survey. 

How long would it take Insulate both my Walls & Attic? 

A typical house can be completed in one working day. 

Can I get the grant for just insulating my Attic? 

No. The minimum grant application amount is €400, consequently you would need to combine at least one other measure to be able to avail of the Grant, and the most common option is to have both your Walls and Attic Insulated. 

Some of my walls are already insulated. Can I apply for a grant to insulate the remaining walls? 

Yes. If at the end of the insulation work on your home all the exposed walls are insulated you are eligible for a grant under the Better Energy Homes Scheme. 

Are Hollow Block Walls eligible for a Better Energy Homes grant? 

Hollow Block is not eligible for Cavity Fill Insulation, however you do have the option to dry-line the internal walls or consider external insulation and both these measures have grants available. 

Is there a limit to the amount of measures that I can apply for on the Better Energy Homes scheme or can I apply for all of them? 

There is no limit - You may apply for them all.

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